Unmanned Aerial System

PD-1 UAS is a complete solution that consist of a light-weight 9.8 ft wing span UAV platform equipped with a fuel engine, gimbal and ground control station. Other payloads are also available upon request. PD-1is suitable for surveillance, aero photo mapping and other applications.

Modular Design

PD-1 airframe has modular design, this means that you can install any payload, that physically fits the UAV, easily replace any parts and do any kind of customizations. Special payload area is big enough to fit dual sensor gimbal and photo camera or any other similar equipment.

Fully programmable

PD-1 UAS comes equipped with an autopilot. It is ready to fly out of the box and well tuned for any mission. Autopilot and GCS software allows to program flight route, do specific actions (e.g. take photos at certain point), do automatic runway take-off and landing, automatic launch from pneumatic catapult and parachute recovery and much more. All information from the PD-1 UAV (e.g. fuel level, engine temp, engine RPM, etc.) comes to GCS in real-time. PD-1 can also perform fully autonomous flights.

Combat proven solution

PD-1 Unmanned Aerial Systems are currently on service in Ukrainian Armed Forces. Our solution has received positive feedback from Ukrainian Army officers, drone operators and intelligence agents. PD-1 comes equipped with anti-jam capabilities, allowing it to be operated without GNSS signal or even when it faces GPS spoofing or control signals interception attempts.


Unit price USD
Total USD
Ready to fly UAV
Pixhawk auto-pilot system
262 ft FHSS encrypted telemetry &
control link
12L Fuel tank
Parachute recovery
Inertial navigation
Transportation case
57,200 USD
57,200 USD
USG-212 gimbal
Gyro-stabilized gimbal
Full HD Sony EV7500 camera
30x Optical zoom
Anti-fog feature
IR sensor
640x460 resolution
9 Hz refresh rate
4x digital zoom
22,100 USD
22,100 USD
HD video link
50 KM COFDM Full HD 1080p video
link. Allow to stream real-time Full HD
video to multiple Ground Control Station
units. AES128 encryption.
16,900 USD
16,900 USD
Rugged Ground Control Station for UAV
and payload control. Laptop is used to
control the UAV. Video link receiver is
integrated into the GCS and stream video
to Full HD screen.
Joystick is included to control the payload.
13,000 USD
13,000 USD
Pneumatic catapult launcher.
30,000 USD
30,000 USD
139,200 USD


Flight modes

Flight route : Programmable

Takeoff and landing : Automatic

Auto-return : in case of GPS failure or signal loss

Flight ranges

Flight time : 10+ hours

Service ceiling : 9843 ft


Wing-span : 10 ft

Long endurance fuel tank : 12 L

Link type

Encrypted real-time Full HD video : 50 km

Encrypted datalink : 85km

Product demo

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